Celebrate the Change Sweeping America with this Exclusive Barack Obama Essay and Photograph Package…

When You Purchase The National Urban League’s Report On The Black Male Featuring Then Senator Barack Obama’s Foreword

Dear Readers,

Of course I am honored to be the publisher of the annual Urban League’s report on the state of affairs of black Americans in 2007. It’s considered by many to be the most accurate contemporary barometer of the conditions of African Americans. And the civil rights organization has produced its assessment annually since 1976.


The 2007 edition focuses on the conditions of the black male. Urban League CEO Marc H. Morial said that glaring equality gaps continue to exist between black men and their white counterparts. “Empowering black males to reach their full potential is the most serious economic and civil rights challenge we face today,” he declared.



That seemed a good idea to me. Then the editor told me that Barack Obama, a senator from Illinois, would write the foreword. That seemed like a good idea too. Maybe…maybe he would win.





I was especially pleased to be the publisher. For the first time, the report would be distributed nationally as a trade paperback to bookstores everywhere.



Now that edition—with his special foreword—is a collector’s item. Imagine the foresight of the Urban League editor to ask that senator to write the foreword. Suddenly, from almost nowhere, he was a presidential candidate. Then he was a serious contender. Then he won.

How many forewords do you think he has written? How many times has a president contributed to a national collection of essays? How many presidents have seen their autobiographies skyrocket into best sellers?

So I decided to make a special offer. For a keepsake and unique historical record.

Why not combine the 2007 report with a special signed edition…framable…5 X 7… of a fabulous photograph of President Barack Obama on the campaign trail? When I saw the shot by renowned New England photographer Steve Lipofsky, I knew that we had an out-of-the ordinary keepsake package.



Steve liked the idea immediately. He would print each 5 X 7 inch photograph on acid-free stock himself and then sign it. We would slip it into the book.  

Lipofsky has been the official photographer for the Boston Red Sox and was the official photographer for the Boston Celtics for 23 years. He has two Sports Illustrated covers to his credit and his work appears in countless periodicals, books, video productions and films throughout the world. His subjects have included Presidents Clinton and Obama, Lee Iacocca, Bill Russell, Johnny Carson, OJ Simpson, and practically every living National Basketball Association legend. 

And that’s the package we have for you: to help celebrate the change sweeping America.

For a limited time you get:

  • The State of Black America 2007 –a $14.95 value…Yours for $12.95

  • Signed 5X7 framable never before published photograph of Barack Obama—a $24.95 value…Yours for $9.95

  • Shipping via speedy USPS Priority Mail—Yours for $8.00

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Barry Beckham,


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